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Here are the photos of Katrina Kaif after she was kidnapped by some unknown men during Phantom shooting in Afghanistan. They had kidnapped her from her hotel room and made to do all kind of things they desired. Because she was a Muslim She was getting punished for doing haraami stuff in film industry. She was gagged, tied and raped by many men for one week. They even makes her fuck with a machine until she is unconscious. Then they uploaded all the pics on internet so that everyone can enjoy the slut.

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Such NRI sluts should be never allowed to enter our beautiful country. Look how she is showing her nude body that is full of sin. And being a Muslim girl she should be made to fuck with the goat as a punishment for leading our men ashtray. Her boobs have grown to the size of pumkin because of all the sucking by men in London when she was a model. She was one among the eleven kids in family of obviously she did not get enough cock in her younger days, so she is going bitchy now.

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