Reasons You Should Date a Motorcyclist

The image of a motorcyclist is covered with legends and glory. Indeed, a man, who skillfully controls a formidable, powerful iron horse, evokes admiration and the desire to join his never-ending adventure. The image of a brave and daring motorcyclist is especially attractive for girls because all those external attributes of masculinity that any girl knows since childhood are concentrated in him. But if all this does not sound convincing enough to you, you should read our article. We have gathered ten truly compelling reasons to date a motorcyclist.

Riding a motorcycle is always about adrenaline

Especially for passengers. You sit in the back, tightly hugging your boyfriend, who powerfully and confidently controls the roaring motorcycle. The wind is in the ears and in the heart; the flame of freedom is raging – pure and sincere. Little depends on you in this situation – you should only hold on tight and completely trust your partner. These sensations are totally special. It is quite possible to find the desired happiness in them. Happiness from the feeling of speed, delight, and freedom. Happiness to trust someone so much. Happiness to feel special. Believe me – this is definitely worth it.

You will never grow fat

Seriously, don’t even think about it. No, it’s not that we are biased towards curvy girls. In fact, many of us just adore them. But if your weight is big enough for the backside of my motorcycle to turn it into a dull, shapeless piece of iron – I will never let you sit on my bike. It is unaesthetic and not practical. So you may not worry about suddenly forgetting to follow the diet and exercise because I will definitely remind you about it. No problem, dear.

We are not like those pricks in the cars!

Have you ever driven your drunken boyfriend home in his car? Surely, you will answer yes and agree that there are more pleasant things to do than this. So, we will never allow this to happen to you. Firstly, we don’t like our girls to just watch us drink. If we have fun, then we do it together. We never forget that the communication of a sober person with a drunk one is a complete absurdity and a waste of time. Secondly, we damn hate when someone drives our motorcycles and takes us somewhere like we are small kids. That’s not cool. A motorcyclist is always a gentleman. Remember this.

We know best what contingencies are

We ride motorcycles. Of course, this involves all sorts of risks. And we know that there are situations when you are not able to influence circumstances. Maybe, one day, you’ll find yourself looking for Russian women for marriage – who knows? Therefore, we rarely get angry because of trifles and are always ready to come to the rescue when our neighbor needs it. Especially if it is our friend, relative, or loved one. We appreciate life and know how to enjoy it. If you want the same, join soon!

You’ll finally learn what real cleaning is

Perhaps you think you know well what a perfectly brushed, sparkling surface looks like. Well, what can I say, any motorcyclist (a real motorcyclist, not a dirty drinker) can quickly dissuade you from this. And quickly teach how to wash, rub, and polish. One day, you’ll get the taste of it and realize that this is a whole science. Then no one will be able to stop you. Your boyfriend will show you all the secrets of mastering the care of an iron horse, and you will be able to use them in everyday life. This is akin to the secret martial techniques of Shaolin monks. Cool, yeah?

Motorcyclists are very passionate lovers

Seriously. Motorcyclists have sex as if it’s their last time. For a motorcyclist, sex and passion are absolutely indivisible concepts. You will never be bored in bed – we guarantee it.

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